Toxictoons - Cyanide Mask


Sculpted by Erich Lubatti & Eric Pigors

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the officially licensed Toxictoons - Cyanide Mask! Cyanide is a wonderful hunchback with crazy teeth, stitches, and everything that embodies a great Toxictoon. What is a Toxictoon you ask? To quote Eric, "It's a cartoon character described as a nutty, scabbed, chicken-poxed, lily-livered, stitched-up, bone-poppin' goofball with some sort of diabolical, disturbing dilemma in store!" Get yourself a nice jar of poison, a ratty overcoat, and your Cyanide mask and have a little fun with the neighbors this Halloween!

Material: Latex

Toxictoons TM & © Eric Pigors. Licensed by Eric Pigors. All rights reserved.

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