The Return of the Living Dead - Makeup Kit


Designed by Justin Mabry

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the officially licensed, The Return of the Living Dead - Makeup Kit. This kit is the simplest way to transform yourself into a gruesome Return of the Living Dead zombie. Each color was meticulously selected to match the color pallet that is used by the Master FX Artists responsible for all the carnage on The Return of the Living Dead. Comes with six makeup cakes and a makeup brush, so you have everything you need to create your own horrifying zombie look. Get yourself this makeup kit and some torn up clothes and go out and stalk the living this Halloween! Note: Children 14 and under should use ONLY with adult supervision. Caution: As with all make-up, some people with sensitive skin may have irritation or reaction, test by placing a small amount of make-up on the inside of the wrist and remove after 30 minutes, discontinue use if reaction develops. Avoid contact with fabrics, carpet, and upholstery. The FDA restricts the use of red make-up around the eyes ant the use of red, blue, and brown make-up on the lips.

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