Classic Zagone Studios Collection - Fantome Mask


Sculpted by Bill Ystron

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the Classic Zagone Studios Collection - Fantome Mask. Fantome is one of the Classic Zagone Masks that we are raising from the dead. Some of you may recognize Fantome from the famous camp fire scene in Friday the 13th Part 2! Like all of the masks in the Classic Zagone Collection, this mask is very comfortable to wear and provides perfect visibility. We at Trick or Treat Studios are huge fans of classic masks and some of our favorites come from Chicago's own Zagone Studios. Back in the 80's, Zagone Studios was known as Be Something Studios and they introduced the world to the style masks we know today as the Zagone look. In the late 90's, Be Something Studios broke off from Franco and became Zagone Studios and, unfortunately, the Be Something Studios masks ceased to exist. Now, thanks to a partnership between Trick or Treat Studios and Zagone Studios, the original Be Something Studios masks are back! Be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get your hands on one of the true classics that defined the style of masks we know today.

Material: Latex

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