Classic Zagone Studios Collection - 1977 Brown Fang Face Mask


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Sculpted by Bill Ystron

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the Classic Zagone Studios Collection - 1977 Brown Fang Face Mask. We at Trick or Treat Studios are huge fans of classic masks and some of our favorites come from Chicago's own Zagone Studios. Back in 1977, Zagone Studios released the Fang Face Mask, which quickly became one of the biggest selling monster masks of all time, in fact Fang Face appeared everywhere, with it's most famous appearances being on the album cover of Helloween and being the star of the 80's classic horror movie, Rocktober Blood. Below is an excellent overview of Fang Face by the great Collection Corner. Unfortunately back in 1979, the mold got damaged and a new sculpture had to be made to replace it. Recently however, the original mold was found and repaired and thanks to a partnership between Trick or Treat Studios and Zagone Studios, the original 1977 Fang Face is back in it's original form with the plush hood with a velcro strap so that you can achieve the perfect fit. Fang Face can be purchased with either a brown or green finish.

Material: Latex

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