The Little Ghouls:

Joanna and Julia Araujo are two independent fine artists based out of Southern California making ghostly, Victorian inspired creations involving inner demons and nostalgic memorabilia. Their primary crafts include ink illustrations, graphite drawings and watercolor paintings often encased in paper frames from the 1800's which they excavate from antique shops. The twins take inspiration from their childhood which is painted with the pallet of traditional Russian folklore stories and the substantial amount of time they spent in the forest, close to nature; foraging plants and wondering sensitively amongst entities, ancestors and familiars. They proceed to extend a welcoming claw into their curious world through apothecary creations including candles and perfume oils which each possess an intention that connects one more to their true selves as creatures of the earth. The twins encourage healing through creation; exploration of the abyss and confidence in identity through tuning into ones callings; looking within.

Look for the twins art in Trick or Treat Studios new Vampire Table Game coming in 2020 and some amazing Fear Freshener and Wall Decor Collections. And checkout the twins work at Instagram: @little.ghouls and their website.