Russ Lukich:

A childhood love of masks, and monsters led Ohio native Russ Lukich to start making his own creations at an early age.

Sculpting and painting his own creatures became a passion that soon led him to pursue a career in film and television work.

Once moving to California, he was quick to lend his talents to the Make Up FX industry . His TV creature work has been seen in such shows as American Horror Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel.

Russ' film credits include many genre favorites from film franchises including Hellboy, Silent Hill, Underworld, Resident Evil, Men in Black and Jurassic Park. His work will also appear in the upcoming Pacific Rim.

When not busy with film work, Russ creates high-end character displays, and limited edition masks for collectors.

As a huge fan of John Carpenters "They Live", Russ was excited to recreate the weird aliens for Trick Or Treat Studios.

Trick or Treat Studios is so excited to have Russ on our Team.

By the way, Russ is the good looking one with the Vampire above!