Don Post:

In 1938, Don Post Sr. made history creating the first over the head latex mask. Continuing with his innovation in design, Don. created more wearable, lightweight latex masks, which would hold their shape, hence Don Post Studios was born.

In the 50’s Hollywood discovered Don Post Studios and put its talents to work on many motion pictures, television shows, commercials and stage projects. Because of Don’s relationships throughout Hollywood, Don pioneered the art of product licensing, resulting in amazing licensed masks from Planet of the Apes, Star Wars and the Universal Classic Monsters.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Don Post Jr. continued the innovation, ingenuity and success of Don Post Studios, making the company a household name and the grail of mask making among collectors and mask fans.

Trick or Treat Studios is deeply honored to have Don Post Jr. be part of our Design Team and we can’t wait to share the Classics and new innovations that Don Post Jr. will be bringing to our customers and fans worldwide.