Casey Wong:

Casey Wong is a native Californian or, as he calls himself, a Karloffornian. He is a self-taught artist who wanted to make monsters since the age of four years old, after seeing Universal Studios 1931 production of Frankenkenstein & Universal Studios 1957 biopic production of Man of a Thousand Faces. Casey’s earliest inspirations were those involved in the art of makeup, used by Lon Chaney Sr., Jack Pierce, Dick Smith and Rick Baker... Monster Maker ! As his aspirations in the field of makeup effects and the history of his beloved horror genre / industry grew, Casey soon found mentors, who urged and helped propel him to follow his dreams of becoming a monster maker.

These men, in the fields of film history, special makeup effects and mask making took the art of making monsters to a whole other level. They were Forrest J Ackerman (Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine), Verne Langdon (Co-owner of Don Post Studios) and the Godfather of modern makeup effects Dick Smith (Godfather, Exorcist, Little Big Man).

Casey’s heart has always belonged to the past, where Boris Karloff was King, Bela Lugosi lived eternal and the only place where Lon Chaney would never die. It’s no wonder then that his personal work reflects that of the very same. When he is in between studio work, Casey creates High-end tableaus of Filmland’s most Famous Monsters. These life-size figures stand within the very set pieces they inhabited on film. Casey’s displays are reminiscent of those once found at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park. His personal favorite display he created being a tribute to his mentor Forry Ackerman, in which he garnered the very first “Beast in Show” award at Eliot Brodsky’s Monsterpalooza convention in 2010.

When Casey is not creating, he is a steadfast conservator of our past horror heritage, a hobby he took up from is aforementioned Mentor Ackerman.

His credits include Pirates of the Caribean: On stranger Tides, 300 rise of an empire, The Loan Ranger, as well as makeup application for Universal Studios Hollywood.