Anders Eriksen:

Anders Eriksen grew up in Denmark, and through his love of horror films taught himself to make masks and props, as there wasn’t any FX schools in Denmark at the time.

In the late 80s Danish theatres showed A Nightmare on Elms Street 3, and Anders heard about it in school. It peaked interest interest and he had to see it. Anders became a fan of the franchise immediately, and with the help of his dad he started building his very first gloves.

Around the release of Freddy vs Jason Anders met Robert and Nancy Englund for the first time after exchanging emails, they have since been a huge inspiration and help in pursuing him dreams of creating art, fx props and much more.

Anders work on Freddy Gloves is legendary and world renown, delivering gloves for Warner Bros. Halloween event Horror Made Here, Robert Englunds appearance on Comic Book Men and Robert Englunds personal glove build for him in 2003 which was seen in the episode of the Goldbergs Mr Knifey Hands as well as a lot of other of his personal appearances on and off screen.

Anders was also featured with Asia in the segment for the love of the glove in the documentary Never Sleep Again. Anders was also featured in both Rue Morgue and Fangoria.

We are honored to have the world’s greatest Freddy Glove maker on the Trick or Treat Studios Team.