Anatomy of the Halloween II Mask

We have received a number of emails from folks that are clearly not very familiar with the 1981 Halloween II mask, so I decided to do this Blog to explain what the Halloween II mask looks like and how we replicated all of that detail in our Officially Licensed Halloween II masks.

First lets discuss the origin of the of the mask and end some controversy.  The mask in Halloween II is the same mask as the mask used in Halloween, a converted 1975 Don Post Captain Kirk Mask.  After the production of Halloween, the mask spent a number of years under the bed of Producer, Debra Hill.  Debra was a heavy cigarette smoker and as a result, the mask started to rot and yellow.

When production started on Halloween II, the decision was made to hire stuntman Dick Warlock to play The Shape.  Now Dick Warlock had a much wider head than Nick Castle, who played The Shape in Halloween, as a result the mask stretched outward, which changed the shape of the eyes on the mask, verses Nick Castle who had a very narrow face.  Combine that with the fact that the mask was yellowing and you have a mask that looked very different from Halloween.

Now lets talk about the flesh tones.  The original mask had red brown Camel hair on it and was flesh colored, because it was a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask.  The Producers of Halloween bought the 75 Kirk from a local costume store and spray painted the hair black, spray painted the mask white, removed the side burns and cut the eyes out to make them wider.  By the time production of Halloween II began, a large percentage of the white paint came off of the mask due to rotting and handling.  Additional paint came off the mask because of the way Warlock took the mask off his face, since it was too small for him.

Now the hair color and the weathering on the mask.  As mentioned above, the mask in Halloween had black spray paint on it.  Due to rotting and especially the fact that Warlock’s hands were sweaty, he would take the mask off by pulling on the hair and pulling the neck and nose.  The result was black spray paint coming off of the hair and being transferred to the mask, hence the heavy weathering everywhere and the Kirk hair color showing.

Lets discuss the needle mark and blood spot on the neck.  During Laurie’s confrontation with The Shape in Halloween, she takes a sewing needle and stabs The Shape in the neck.  That hole and blood spot can be seen throughout Halloween II.

Finally lets discuss the masks right side eye and the mouth.  Once again due to rotting the mask was drooping.  This caused a very noticeable drop in the mouth of the mask, but also an over flap in the masks right side eye.  The mouth in both Halloween and Halloween II was open, it was never sealed!  The open mouth added to the drop in the mouth when Warlock turned his head in the Hut Tub scene, but keep in the mind, the mask was very tight on Warlock and his wide head stretched the mask outward, hence it appears in some scenes that the mouth is sealed, but it was open.  There are rumors that the mouth was duck taped on the inside, but Warlock told me that he only remembers it open so that he could talk without taking off the mask.  If you want to seal the mouth, get some latex or rubber cement and seal it, but that is the topic of a different Blog.

Now lets discuss Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II mask.  Our goal in making these masks was to release the most screen accurate Halloween mask ever available to the mass market for an affordable price, something that has never been done before.

So we included the following in our mask:

  1. An original sculpture that replicates the rotting of the Halloween II mask as it looked without Dick Warlock’s head in the mask.
  2. The mask’s left side has a drooping lip.
  3. The nose is much fatter verses narrow due to the rot and stretch of the mask.
  4. The mask has flesh tones all over the mask, including under the chin and the back of the mask, which is completely flesh tone.
  5. The color of the mask is cream color.
  6. The eye shape is much wider.
  7. The mask is round shape verses long, narrow and thin.
  8. There a very large dirt mark on the nose due to Dick Warlock pulling the mask from the nose.
  9. One of the masks, has blood pouring out of the eyes to simulate the final scene when Laurie shoots The Shape in the eyes, we call it Blood Tears.

10. There are dirt marks all over the masks, especially under the chin area.

11. The glue line from the removal of the side burns is visible.

12. The mask is very grimy and dirty verses stark white.

13. There is t-shape dirty mark on the top left hand side of the mask.

14. There is a hole in the left side of the neck to simulate the needle mark where The Shape was stabbed in Halloween.

15. There are two creases on the top of the forehead, due to rotting.

Hope this clears things up and make sure to checkout the production pictures below!

Chris Zephro


  1. Aldin says:

    I couldn’t have said it better Chris. This is why I love the way mask turned out in Halloween II, it was more eerie. And you guys nailed it! And the pic where Dick is holding the coke can is one of my ideas I’ve had for the MM boards once I receive the mask. :-)

  2. Big D says:

    I LOVE both my TOTS Myers mask’s!! Guess what? I’m buying 2 more from the local costume store in city!! These mask’s RULE!

  3. Lady Catlyn says:

    To the folks at TOTs: it is clear that you are true fans of the genre and, with this mask, you have done right by your fans . The quality is amazing, the attention to detail and especially your customer service is on a whole new level with respect to your competitors. I appreciate that you guys were compelled to search every corner of the world to procure the right hair for the mask and had respect enough for those of us that ordered the mask to keep us informed about the delays. I am also super stoked that the mask will make it on schedule for a Halloween 2012 costume debut! I am getting two each of the regular and blood tears, one set to be used for display and one for costuming. I LOVE TOTS! Chris Z. is pretty cute too. Too bad he’s married and his wife looks like she could kick some serious ass! Okay, just kidding about the kicking ass part…

  4. I’m amazed by the amount of misinformation there is out there on this topic. Thanks for getting it right! I hope the fans embrace this effort as so many companies want to sterilize their “replicas” to produce what Joe Schmoe thinks he saw onscreen. I hope you don’t see any backlash from that. I hope we’ve finally reached the day when there’s so much good info on original props that people can understand that the idiosyncrasies are what makes a replica!

  5. Uncle Sparky says:

    I love the mask for all of the crazy details you guys added — especially the knitting needle damage. Don Post had 30+ years to reproduce their own sculpt… but somehow never did. This one knocked it out of the park!

  6. egarmel says:

    Got my Blood Tears today. You can’t ask for a better MM mask for the price. I applaud Chris for making sure the details didn’t get lost. One small sliver of a critique. The weathering around the tip of the nose and nostrils look too perfect in owner pictures. Kind of like a perfect semi-circle. But in person, you can see the shading. You guys knocked this out of the ball park.

  7. Uncle Sparky says:

    egarmel, I had the same experience: I was a little worried about the nose when I saw photos of people’s masks, but mine is much more subtle in person. Overall, the weathering is just fantastic. Again, I would put this mass-produced mask up against most of the independents out there.

  8. gerry d says:

    I’ve never seen that last pic before.

  9. The Gill-Man says:

    I could not be more pleased with the ToTS mask! It is, easily, the best mass-produced Myers mask ever, and I’d argue that it rivals ANY bootleg version out there. The attention to detail on this thing is stunning in every way. I cannot wait to scare all the teens roaming my neighborhood this Halloween!!!

  10. Justin Williams says:

    a big thank you to Chris & all the guys at TOTS , my family bought me both of your H2 myers masks as a late birthday present & i totally love them they look AWESOME . Thanks guys for making awesome H2 masks i will treasure them forever .

    Thanks again guys
    Justin . ( LONDON ENGLAND )

  11. thanks for the story love the mask i was a big hit at the buffalo holloween bash,sure there were a few of michael myers but i was as real as it comes people wanted a photo with me a blask going to another party tomorrow then its off to trick or treating with my nephews.thansk for making this mask affordable and amazing

  12. Michael Poore says:

    AWESOME Masks! Comment on the mouth being sealed it never was.I was on Dick Warlock’s website and saw a pic of him on set in catering with Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.He was joking around and he had his tongue sticking out of the mask and he was licking a prop butcher knife.As far as I’m concerned these are the best replicas I’ve seen!The weathering is cool.The fleshtones are perfect.Just as if the paint was coming off.Keep up the good work!

  13. David Foster says:

    I’ve been watching and collecting horror memorabilia as long as I can remember but masks are something I never really bought to add to my collection. I loved them as a kid and was usually able to con my parents into buying me one every year for halloween. I usually venture into the local halloween store every year but little is to be desired in the mask selections they carry. It wasn’t until I came across Trick Or Treat Studios that I discovered such a fantastic selection of high quality masks that are movie accurate and for a price that is more than fair for what you get. These works of art are incredible. I now own 3 of their masks and love them all. Words can’t even describe how totally freakin cool their Nightbreed Dr. Decker mask is. Thank you TOTS for making my collection much darker with your wonderful products.

  14. Curtis Wall says:

    This is way off the topic of Halloween masks but I really dig yall’s talent and artistry. Do you guys think you could make a Bernie Sanders mask? I would be very interested in buying one. I’d bet they’d sell like crazy.


  15. joel says:

    iv got a tot h2 but the mouths on both of em are sealed whats the go with that its def a authentic tot h2 an h2 blood tears

  16. Knight says:

    The mask is awesome! It’s really THE MASK. Here is a Halloween fan shortfilm made with this mask.

  17. In all these years I never knew the Michael Myers mask was actually a weathered, disfigured Captain Kirk mask. Somehow, that makes it even creepier. Learn something new every day!

  18. Tai says:

    Thanks for clearing this up, originally I was going for the first Halloween look and was confused when I got this mask in the mail — but your history of the original mask makes sense now. I had never noticed the degredation of the mask in all the years I’ve seen part II. With this information I can alter it to my desired effect. Still a great quality mask over all.

  19. To get the role of Michael Myers, Dick Warlock revealed that as he passed by a room, the Michael Myers mask was on a table. He put the mask on and walked into Rick Rosenthal’s office and stood there. After Rosenthal continuously asked him who he was and he didn’t reply, he took off the mask and asked if he could play Michael Myers.

  20. Jon Morris says:

    It’s funny how often people discount face shape when thinking of the difference between H1 and H2 and the effect it had on the look of the mask. Also, the flesh tones are there, it’s just that most people’s TV’s didn’t show them that well. Watch the Scream Factory remasterd Halloween II Blu-ray release and you’ll see it.

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