My First Haunted House by Eric Pigors

My first monster mask I bought was for Halloween.  I think I was in forth or fifth grade and I bought it from Toys R Us.  I remember there was a big pile of rubber masks in a bin and maybe it was that rubber smell that grabbed me?  Or maybe that skeleton face saying, “hey kid buy me, I want to go Trick or

Funny thing is I don’t even remember if I wore it that Halloween since I don’t have any pictures of me on my way out on my candy trek every Oct 31st.

But here is a picture of me in 7th grade with my mask on a dummy and my brother Brian.  We are in my first spook house we built in my mom’s garage.  You should have seen this pathetic attempt of a haunted house.  A few Haunted Houses in the neighborhood from previous years Trick or Treating inspired me.

The first Haunted House I built had a little cemetery.  I used my boogie boards and wrote RIP on them so they would look like gravestones.  I shoveled in dirt into the garage and some Tree limbs I broke off our tree.  I put an owl lantern on the tree limb and a pumpkin, which I used for light in the cemetery, it didn’t light the area up much.  Which was probably for the best!  Kids seem more scared at stuff they can’t see.

I hid up in the garage rafters and had strings that I’d pull to make ghosts rise from behind the boogie board gravestones.  And one ghost slid down a string to scare the kids (that idea was inspired by the Brady Bunch spooky show episode).  Then they would see my skeleton sitting in a chair.  Also the kids were directed around the haunted house from my brother dressed as an executioner with a hatchet.

Then you came around a corner and there was a few pumpkins all lit up.  Man I’m surprised I didn’t light anything on fire with all the candles I had lit up in there.  Then as my brother took them around the last corner and I would scream and drop a dummy filled with newspapers out of the rafters in the darkness right in front of and sometimes on the kids.

I dropped the dummy in front of one kid and he started crying. I could hear his mom laughing in the background. Then the dumb jocks of the neighborhood came in and pushed over everything thing and punched in the pumpkins and pretty much destroyed the Haunted House.

These days, I still do a little spook house every year in my mom’s garage to kind of bring back that feeling, and give the kids something to look at and remember.  Who knows maybe one day they’ll will grow up and want to do their own Haunted House after seeing mine?

I love monster masks and started buying a lot of them to use as displays in my spook house. I like high quality masks, like those Scary Halloween Masks sold by Trick or Treat Studios, but I will find cheap ones at Kmart time to time that I still use.  Although, all the Kmart masks since rotted away since they were so thin, but it kind of makes them look creepier.

I can’t believe I’m now going to see my art made into Halloween masks!  It’s so exciting since I love Halloween and drawing monster themed art called, TOXICTOONS.  And if I see a kid wearing a Gruesome mask knock on my door this Halloween they are getting a handful of candy and maybe even a signed Toxictoons artbook, so make sure to buy one for your kid!

Uncle Pigors


  1. Rot says:

    This is wonderful.

  2. I love your story about using boogie boards and writing RIP on them to make them look like grave markers. My husband and I love Halloween so much! It’s our favorite time of the year. We’re always on the lookout for scary haunted houses to visit. We might need to utilize the internet to find great places to visit.

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