How To Make Your Halloween Mask Fit Perfectly – Part 2

After writing the first Blog based on how to make you Halloween mask fit perfectly, a few more things came to me that I wish I wrote in the first round.  As a result, I decided to add them in Part 2 to the original Blog.

First, the eye cuts.  Although we like small eye cuts and sculpted eyes in our masks, there are a lot of people that like their own eyes totally exposed.  So if you like the design of a mask, but it has sculpted eye, don’t worry, you can still pick up the mask, all you have to do is cut the eyes out.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.  If this is something you want to do, start with a small and sharp pair of scissors.  Next, find the sculpt lines of the eyes and start cutting them out.  Make sure to take your time and try and cut in one smooth motion, in other words, don’t lift the scissors and start cutting again and again, this will cause jagged edges, which can only be corrected with a dremel.

Next, lets talk about the mouth.  Similar to eyes, some people like to have the mouth slit open, so that they can get mouth movement when they talk or can drink through the mask’s mouth.  This is easy to do as well and will also require a small and sharp pair of scissors.  Again, find the sculpt line of the mask and cut the line where the lips come together.  Now since the mouth will now open when you talk, it is important to make sure the cut won’t run, so I recommend you cut a small semi circle at the end of each cut, or use a very small hole puncher.

Finally, the hair.  We choose the hair type, color and style that we think looks best on our masks, but maybe you prefer something different.  Lets start with the color.  If you don’t like the color, it can be easily changed by finding some good color hair spray at your local costume store and carefully spray it onto the hair.  It is usually a good idea to cover the mask with paper to prevent getting hair dye on the mask.  Next the hair type.  If you want to change the type of hair that is on the mask, the first thing you must do is take the hair off the mask.  To do this you need to carefully and slowly pull the hair off the mask.  Start at the hair line and go slow.  Alternatively, you can cut the hair to the base of the mask and place the new hair on top.  If you also want to change the hair color, either buy the hair in the color you like, or dye the hair before you apply it to the mask.  You can use hot glue, tacky glue, latex rubber or rubber cement to apply the new hair to the mask.  Finally if you just don’t like the style of the hair, you can brush and style to your liking and use hair spray to keep the style.  Again, apply the hair spray carefully and try not to get it on the mask.

Hope this helps.

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