Adjusting Eye Cuts On Your Halloween Masks For Perfect Visibility

So when we were at the Halloween Expo in Houston I ran into a very good customer and asked him for some feedback and he mentioned that some customers said that the eye cuts could be a little bigger on some of the designs with sculpted eyes.  So I thought I’d discuss this topic in our Blog one more time.

Eye cuts, aka view slits, are a really big challenge for mask companies like Trick or Treat Studios that have a number of designs with sculpted eyes in the masks.  And let me say this, we like masks with sculpted eyes here at Trick or Treat Studios because it really opens up the possibilities for the use of the mask.  People can display their masks year round if they have eyes sculpted into them because they look alive with the eyes.  Also, sculpted eyes allow people to use the mask on mannequins and props for their yards, houses or Haunts.  But the decision on how big to cut the view slits on those masks that have sculpted eyes is a difficult one because three possible outcomes can result depending on how big the view slits are, and believe me, I’ve heard them all!  First, if we cut them too big, people say that the view slits are too big and everyone sees their eyes, ruining the scary effect.  Second, if the view slits are too small, than you get the “I can’t see out of the mask” comment.  And third, there is the, “can you sell them to us without the eye cuts,” but that usually comes from the Haunters who want to put the masks on props.

The best solution as far as we are concerned, and the one we go with here at Trick or Treat Studios is to err on the side of caution and cut the view slits small.  Why is this the best solution?  Because if the view slits are too small for the wearer, they can be cut, versus too big which is permanent, because you can’t add latex to a cured mask.

I’m not a sculptor, but I can say that making the view slits bigger is very easy to do.  All you need to do is get a sharp pair of small scissors and trim the view slits a small amount at a time until you can see perfectly out of the mask.

I hope this helps all of you that were tentative to buy a mask because you couldn’t see that well out of the mask when you tried it on at the store.  Remember, this is a very easy fix, cut the view slits larger.  Remember, we design the masks so that you have that option to expand the view slits verses cutting them too big, which offers you no solution.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to checkout our new 2011 lineup of Scary Halloween Masks!



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