Monthly Archives: July 2010

John Wrightson Finishes His First Trick or Treat Studios Creation – Meltdown!

Things are moving fast here at Trick or Treat Studios! We are proud to announce that John Wrightson just turned in his first creation for Trick or Treat Studios, appropriately called, Meltdown!

Meltdown is a beautiful representation of what you’d look like if you accidentally got trapped in an industrial sized oven!

Meltdown will be making its debut soon, so make sure to check the Full Head Masks section of our Products page.

The Amazing John Wrightson Joins Trick or Treat Studios!

In keeping with our vow to bring together the ultimate sculpting Dream Team, Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to announce that John Wrightson has joined us!

Raised in a creative home with his well-known artist father, Bernie Wrightson, John has become an accomplished sculptor and painter in his own right, having worked at the prestigious Patrick Talopoulos Design Studio as well as the renowned Stan Winston Studio.

From these varied artistic experiences, John has developed a unique style that effectively blends the best from these influences with his own distinctive approach with stunning results.

John’s first mask, Meltdown, will be making it’s debut soon!

Aaron Lewis Unleashes His Newest Creation – The Fiend

We are happy to announce that Aaron Lewis has unleashed another amazing Face Mask to our collection of Scary Halloween Masks, The Fiend.

We will be accepting pre-orders soon and The Fiend will be shipping in time for Halloween 2010!

Trick or Treat Studios Teams with Michael T. Gilbert to Bring Fans Mr. Monster!

Trick or Treat Studios is happy to announce that we teamed up Michael T. Gilbert to make a mask based on the worlds greatest monster fighter, Mr. Monster!

Originally a Canadian character from the 1940’s with only a handful of appearances to his name. Michael T. Gilbert came across him in the 1970’s and in 1984 revived the concept. Since his return, Mr. Monster has appeared in comic books published by Dark Horse, Eclipse, and Tundra. Armed only with a dark sense of humor and the biggest guns he can carry, Mr. Monster has been terrorizing creatures of all shapes and sizes.

We think Mr. Monster is going to make an amazing costume and will go well in our quest to “Bring Back Halloween” in the vintage style that we loved so much as kids.

Here are some pictures of the great monster fighter himself:

Make sure to checkout our full line of Scary Halloween Masks.