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Trick or Treat Studios Partners with Monster Scenes to Bring Fans Dr. Deadly!

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to announce our partnership with the resurrected Monster Scenes to bring a classic mask to fans — the one and only Dr. Deadly.

Appalling to parent groups in the 1970’s, Dr. Deadly and his wares were aggressively protested and ultimately banned from store shelves nationwide. Decades later, the devious doctor and his deranged dungeon have been raised from the dead. And now, Trick or Treat Studios will bring fans a first-ever mask of the infamous Dr. Deadly!

The mask is currently being sculpted by our Art Director, Justin Mabry and will be shipping soon, so check back often for sculpt pictures and ordering information. And for more great masks from our line of Scary Halloween Masks, visit us at

Waking the Dead – The Story Behind the Mummy Masks by Erich Lubatti

When Justin and I were discussing what my next sculpture should be, he brought up an entire list of options: Vampire, Werewolf, Skull, Zombie, and a Mummy. A Mummy?! That’s it! My mind began racing backwards in time to when I first saw the “Amazing Stories” episode called, “Mummy Daddy”. The lead character in the show, an actor playing a mummy in a fictitious movie being shot in a southern swamp, would be my main inspiration for this next mask.

But, “Mummy Daddy” was not my only inspiration. Jack Pierce’s mummy makeup on Boris Karloff also played into the design; admittedly, only subconsciously. You won’t see a whole lot of Karloff in our Mummy mask. Mostly, I looked to real mummies from around the world as my reference. Egyptian and South American mummies, specifically. The gauntness, the skin stretched so tight it looks like it could just tear from the slightest breeze, the leathery coloring of what once was supple skin. That’s what I wanted to convey in this new mask! That was my goal.
I also wanted to give the mask a real sense of life, a life beyond death! Real mummies do not have eyes. But, this one is supernatural. So, I could take artistic license with it. Besides, the best way to convey life in a lifeless object is to give it eyes. So, I gave him a single blazing eyeball to simulate his reawakening.

So, that’s basically how I came up with our Mummy. For me, it’s a very fun mask that combines both realistic and stylized elements into one character. I hope everyone enjoys this mask as much as I did making it!

Make sure to checkout the Mummy Masksand the rest of our Scary Halloween Masks at

Eric Pigors Receives the First Production Copy of Gruesome!

And we are happy to say, he loved it!  All of the production pieces are just outstanding.  I can’t wait till we start shipping to customers in early August, I know you’ll love them and agree that they are the best mass produced masks ever made.

Get in on Gruesome and more of our Scary Halloween Masks at!