Anatomy of the Halloween II Mask

We have received a number of emails from folks that are clearly not very familiar with the 1981 Halloween II mask, so I decided to do this Blog to explain what the Halloween II mask looks like and how we replicated all of that detail in our Officially Licensed Halloween II masks.

First lets discuss the origin of the of the mask and end some controversy.  The mask in Halloween II is the same mask as the mask used in Halloween, a converted 1975 Don Post Captain Kirk Mask.  After the production of Halloween, the mask spent a number of years under the bed of Producer, Debra Hill.  Debra was a heavy cigarette smoker and as a result, the mask started to rot and yellow.

When production started on Halloween II, the decision was made to hire stuntman Dick Warlock to play The Shape.  Now Dick Warlock had a much wider head than Nick Castle, who played The Shape in Halloween, as a result the mask stretched outward, which changed the shape of the eyes on the mask, verses Nick Castle who had a very narrow face.  Combine that with the fact that the mask was yellowing and you have a mask that looked very different from Halloween.

Now lets talk about the flesh tones.  The original mask had red brown Camel hair on it and was flesh colored, because it was a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask.  The Producers of Halloween bought the 75 Kirk from a local costume store and spray painted the hair black, spray painted the mask white, removed the side burns and cut the eyes out to make them wider.  By the time production of Halloween II began, a large percentage of the white paint came off of the mask due to rotting and handling.  Additional paint came off the mask because of the way Warlock took the mask off his face, since it was too small for him.

Now the hair color and the weathering on the mask.  As mentioned above, the mask in Halloween had black spray paint on it.  Due to rotting and especially the fact that Warlock’s hands were sweaty, he would take the mask off by pulling on the hair and pulling the neck and nose.  The result was black spray paint coming off of the hair and being transferred to the mask, hence the heavy weathering everywhere and the Kirk hair color showing.

Lets discuss the needle mark and blood spot on the neck.  During Laurie’s confrontation with The Shape in Halloween, she takes a sewing needle and stabs The Shape in the neck.  That hole and blood spot can be seen throughout Halloween II.

Finally lets discuss the masks right side eye and the mouth.  Once again due to rotting the mask was drooping.  This caused a very noticeable drop in the mouth of the mask, but also an over flap in the masks right side eye.  The mouth in both Halloween and Halloween II was open, it was never sealed!  The open mouth added to the drop in the mouth when Warlock turned his head in the Hut Tub scene, but keep in the mind, the mask was very tight on Warlock and his wide head stretched the mask outward, hence it appears in some scenes that the mouth is sealed, but it was open.  There are rumors that the mouth was duck taped on the inside, but Warlock told me that he only remembers it open so that he could talk without taking off the mask.  If you want to seal the mouth, get some latex or rubber cement and seal it, but that is the topic of a different Blog.

Now lets discuss Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II mask.  Our goal in making these masks was to release the most screen accurate Halloween mask ever available to the mass market for an affordable price, something that has never been done before.

So we included the following in our mask:

  1. An original sculpture that replicates the rotting of the Halloween II mask as it looked without Dick Warlock’s head in the mask.
  2. The mask’s left side has a drooping lip.
  3. The nose is much fatter verses narrow due to the rot and stretch of the mask.
  4. The mask has flesh tones all over the mask, including under the chin and the back of the mask, which is completely flesh tone.
  5. The color of the mask is cream color.
  6. The eye shape is much wider.
  7. The mask is round shape verses long, narrow and thin.
  8. There a very large dirt mark on the nose due to Dick Warlock pulling the mask from the nose.
  9. One of the masks, has blood pouring out of the eyes to simulate the final scene when Laurie shoots The Shape in the eyes, we call it Blood Tears.

10. There are dirt marks all over the masks, especially under the chin area.

11. The glue line from the removal of the side burns is visible.

12. The mask is very grimy and dirty verses stark white.

13. There is t-shape dirty mark on the top left hand side of the mask.

14. There is a hole in the left side of the neck to simulate the needle mark where The Shape was stabbed in Halloween.

15. There are two creases on the top of the forehead, due to rotting.

Hope this clears things up and make sure to checkout the production pictures below!

Chris Zephro

Chiller Mask by Trick or Treat Studios

Excellent review of our Chiller Mask from Michael-Myer.Net:


Trick or Treat Studios Featured on Best Horror Movies website!

Awesome Affordable Monster Masks!  That is the title of a very nice article written about Trick or Treat Studios at Best Horror Movies website.

Check it out at:

Thanks for the kind words

The Ultimate Demon Alien Halloween Mask – Pugley Version 2

From time to time we like to play around with our characters and change a few things here and a few things there and release them as limited editions. This time is was Pugley’s turn. We decided to see what our ultimate Demon Alien Halloween Mask would look like with blood red eyes. Turns out it looked pretty cool, so we are now offering a limited number of Pugley Version 2 Halloween Masks.

So make sure to get your copy now, because once all 100 copies are sold out, as Disney would say, “it’s going back in the vault!’

The Mask Doctor, Kelly Mann, Joins Trick or Treat Studios!

Trick or Treat Studios is thrilled to have Kelly Mann on the sculpting team.

Kelly is an Emmy Award winner who has freelanced as a mask maker, makeup artist, and special effects artist, working on many films, TV shows, theater, and print ads for many leading producers, directors, actors and major film, Television, and entertainment companies, including Universal Studios, New Line pictures, Lorimar television, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios, Buena Vista Pictures, and Walt Disney Imagineering.

As The Mask Doctor,Kelly has become “the” world-renowned mask repair expert, repairing collectible masks and movie props, as well as giving advice for storage and longevity of masks.

Recently, Kelly has put his years of makeup savvy into conducting makeup seminars, where he demonstrates the proper use of makeup materials to create characters for both theatre and film, as well as makeup application and proper handling in a learning environment.

Kelly is pleased and excited to be creating new and original mask designs for Trick-Or-Treat Studios.

2011 Production Photos

We always like to post production photos.  It’s exciting to see the masks being made and it gives an appreciation to the fact that our masks are 100% handmade.

The Amazing Dr. Deadly – From Behind!

Wanted to show everybody the back of Dr. Deadly.  Justin put a lot of time into the stitches and bloody scar.  Hope you like it and make sure to order Dr. Deadly at

Scary Zombie Halloween Mask

Devil’s Rejects Star – Bill Moseley and Trick or Treat Studios

We had a very nice surprise this weekend at Monsterpalooza when the great Bill Moseley stopped by to pickup a Gruesome mask and say hello to the gang at Trick or Treat Studios.  Bill is a big fan of Eric Pigors’ Toxictoons and was thrilled to see that we were offering a number of Toxictoons masks.  Bill picked up a Gruesome and took a few pics with Chris.

Thanks for stopping by Bill!  We love your movies and hope to work with you :-)

Johnny Ace Studios Joins Trick or Treat Studios

We are thrilled to announce that Johnny Ace and Kali Verra from Johnny Ace Studios has join the design team at Trick or Treat Studios.

A little background on Jonny Ace and Kali Verra:

Johnny Ace not only earned his “official rat fink artist” title from Ed “Big Daddy” Roth for 20 years of loyal service, but continues to honor the spirit of Roth Studios in his work. He was one of the originators of the punk flyer/poster artform and has worked in such varied fields as the skateboard industry, comics, toy prototypes, computer games, and too much more than this space will allow! He counts as inspiration for such legends as Ed “Newt” Newton, Mouse!, Wally Wood, Eric Stanton, Johnny Craig, Basil Wolverton, Tom Kelly, Basil Gogos, Tom Sutton, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, and others.

Kali Verra’s artistic range includes traditional pinstriping, graphic design, glamour and fx makeup, airbrush, animation, sculpting, and more. She was taught the pinstriping trade by Roth and used a mack brush given to her by him until it was “on it’s last three hairs”. Kali draws inspiration from such varied sources as Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth to William S. Burroughs to the unwholesome trinity of Bava/Argento/Fulci. She also has a soft spot for the hokey side of the occult. She is currently obsessed with getting her hands on more guitars!

We are launching two masks this year from Johnny Ace Studios, Frankenfink and the amazing Surf Kook.

And make sure to go to the site to checkout more of our Scary Halloween Masks!

Adjusting Eye Cuts On Your Halloween Masks For Perfect Visibility

So when we were at the Halloween Expo in Houston I ran into a very good customer and asked him for some feedback and he mentioned that some customers said that the eye cuts could be a little bigger on some of the designs with sculpted eyes.  So I thought I’d discuss this topic in our Blog one more time.

Eye cuts, aka view slits, are a really big challenge for mask companies like Trick or Treat Studios that have a number of designs with sculpted eyes in the masks.  And let me say this, we like masks with sculpted eyes here at Trick or Treat Studios because it really opens up the possibilities for the use of the mask.  People can display their masks year round if they have eyes sculpted into them because they look alive with the eyes.  Also, sculpted eyes allow people to use the mask on mannequins and props for their yards, houses or Haunts.  But the decision on how big to cut the view slits on those masks that have sculpted eyes is a difficult one because three possible outcomes can result depending on how big the view slits are, and believe me, I’ve heard them all!  First, if we cut them too big, people say that the view slits are too big and everyone sees their eyes, ruining the scary effect.  Second, if the view slits are too small, than you get the “I can’t see out of the mask” comment.  And third, there is the, “can you sell them to us without the eye cuts,” but that usually comes from the Haunters who want to put the masks on props.

The best solution as far as we are concerned, and the one we go with here at Trick or Treat Studios is to err on the side of caution and cut the view slits small.  Why is this the best solution?  Because if the view slits are too small for the wearer, they can be cut, versus too big which is permanent, because you can’t add latex to a cured mask.

I’m not a sculptor, but I can say that making the view slits bigger is very easy to do.  All you need to do is get a sharp pair of small scissors and trim the view slits a small amount at a time until you can see perfectly out of the mask.

I hope this helps all of you that were tentative to buy a mask because you couldn’t see that well out of the mask when you tried it on at the store.  Remember, this is a very easy fix, cut the view slits larger.  Remember, we design the masks so that you have that option to expand the view slits verses cutting them too big, which offers you no solution.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to checkout our new 2011 lineup of Scary Halloween Masks!